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How to move your Business to Kawler Connect.

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Switching your telecoms system across from a traditional PBX or even just old phones plugged into the wall is easier than you imagine.

Let's talk

First of all let's have a chat about what you have now and what would be a suitable replacement.  Our team will not use jargon, not "up-sell" you things you don't need and they will be honest if you have requirements that we cannot meet.  You can book a consultation here  We can arrange a time that is convenient to you.


Once you have decided what you need we create your account and then teach you how to add the users (people who will answer the phones).

If you are going to have features such as menus, extension numbers or call recording we add those for you.  If you or your staff are going to use their smartphones to answer calls we show you how to use our app (it's very simple). We make sure you understand the system before you have to start taking calls on it. 

Make the Switch

When you are completely happy with how the system in set-up and how you will use it then we will make it live.  If you are going to use an existing telephone number then we will put in a 'porting' request to transfer that number from your current network provider to Kawler Connect.  After a few days that number will be transferred to us and calls will then come through through Kawler Connect.  You will be given plenty of notice as to when the switch will occur and there will be no downtime.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the things we get asked on a regular basis.  You might find it helpful to have a quick look at them before you speak to one of our team.

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