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Everything Comes As Standard

A feature list that doesn't depend on price

Kawler Connect doesn't hold features back for users who buy the bigger 'minute' bundles. If you are a user you get the features detailed below. 

Unpacking a gift
Kawler-Connect round logo on a package

Switchboard Menus

You can add menus so that your customers can find their way either using extension numbers or departments.

HD Call Quality

Innovative systems and technologies offer reliable, real-time sound clarity and richness whether making calls via the Verticall app, your desktop VoIP phone or web browser. So whether you're looking for a small business phone system or large enterprise system, you'll find that we provide call quality you can rely on while using only a tiny fraction of your internet bandwidth.

Choose your 'hold' music

Your business, your brand identity. You can upload whatever audio you like and play it back to your customers as they wait to be passed into the capable hands of your team.

Track performance

View your team’s activity in real-time, track performance, listen to call recordings and much more; all in our powerful, easy-to-use web portal.

Manage Users with Ease

Manage Users on the web portal.  You can add Users and change their details on Kawler-Connect to ensure that everyone remains in touch. We are happy to keep your system updated while you get to know the ins and outs of Kawler-Connect. 

Record Calls

You can record inbound calls and without the need for any additional software and then download those recordings for review.

Voicemail to Email

With this feature enabled your voicemail messages are passed through to the User's email address.

Missed Call Alerts

Ensure you don't miss a vital call. You can configure the service to alert your email if you've missed a call to your extension either on your desktop phone or using the Verticall app.

Live Call Monitor

You can monitor calls as the progress and even add yourself into the call if you feel that this is required.

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